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Give Power to the People! 

What I want when I stand in front of an audience is not only to share my philosophy, my realized dreams, but to make people dream, to be more confident, with more power. The life I have lived has not been easy, but I have achieved a lot. What motivates people is that I am that story, the one who started from Zero and achieved Everything, around the Globe, not on one place! Having reached rock bottom a few times, and being able to get stronger and achieve what I desire. Electrifying!

Share your dreams!

The dreams and the successes I have always strived to share with other people. To encourage them, to make them optimistic, because that is the way to make our society a better place. It’s not a question of how high we’ve gotten, but how many people we’ve been able to help rise.

This worldview has not always been in my favor, because Bulgaria is a Post-Soviet space, where bright individualism is still a negative thing. Selfishness is a vice. Because individuality has no place in a totalitarian society of an all-powerful state. So one of the biggest accolades came when the critics called my first book- “A very anti-totalitarian read!” meaning that I did little more than individual motivation.

My second book was a gospel of individualism that brought many threats and physical assaults against me. But I’m extremely satisfied because I’ve got a lot more people excited than can pack a hall.


Motivational speaking to Afghan immigrant children. Mutually charging! 


Coaching to improve luxury service at Best Western Natalie, Bellgrade, Serbia. A hotel, chosen twice best in the Serbian capital. The honour was mine!

One of my strongest performances in the most watched TV show in Bulgaria, in front of 2 million people. An extremely frank and electrifying conversation, after which dozens of people contacted me to say it was one of their most emotional experiences. As are my books in between, especially The Devil, an extremely evocative and emotive rollercoaster!


I am talking about happiness and Buddhism. As well as about travel and personal joy. It's always a pleasure to talk at length and make people smile!


A very difficult speech, in front of military officers. The occasion was the anniversary of my great-grandfather being a war hero(WWI) and placing flowers at his memorial located at the local town hall. 


A lecture on the need for technology and social platforms in culture. A challenge to convince traditionally minded people and institutions of the need for complete digitalization and technologization. 


Talks into a night cabaret is more than a challenge!

In front of young and extremely popular Bulgarian bloggers, speak about how to make a multi-million pound business with 20 pounds in your pocket. How no matter what failures we have, we have to keep moving forward. About how not everything is rosy in life, but that’s the cool thing!


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