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The Angel Group's "Hybrid Fortress" project aims to provide an objective overview of Russia's ideology and influence in Bulgaria. Iliyan Kuzmanov uses Bulgaria as an example of how an EU and NATO member state can be used as a self-sustainable proxy by Russia. The project explores Russia's attitude towards NATO, its growing cooperation with former Soviet republics, and the potential second round of enlargement through visions of a new Russian identity. The project reconstructs historically based "cognitive maps" of Eurasia, providing insights into Russia's quest for a new identity and strategic thinking of NATO. The project will evolve into an in-depth scientific study, focusing on the core of Russian influence in Bulgaria, aiming to counter it through rich digital content and academic research.

The other two projects are incredibly related to the Hybrid Fortress. The second looks at how Russia permeates and influences another socio-economic and cultural environment- the continent of Africa. Through a detailed study of Russia's propaganda and ideological methods in Africa, a comparable effect is achieved and a deeper understanding of the processes in Europe and Bulgaria in particular. 


The third project examines Russia's Information Warfare and the means to counter it. This project focuses on understanding what information means, how scientific information is handled, information in the media, basic methods of disinformation and ideological sabotage, and the main ways to counter it. 

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