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Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment...
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For me, business has always been expression, emotion, art in its purest form! Anyway, I think there is something wrong because art has moved so far away from business. Even in schools and universities, we don’t make any connection between the two. In my understanding they are integrated, consequences of deep experiences. And before you start making money, you have to make Аrt... you have to feel!

Art is emotion, freedom....

Before I stayed in Bulgaria and created the Art Angel Foundation, I had a long journey that changed my destiny to a great extent. I had met a girl suffering from a rare disease and with a criminal past in faraway Asia. I travelled between several continents, visiting together some of the best doctors in Bulgaria(Military Hospital), Germany(Kiel), Prague(Czech Republic) India(New Delhi), the Dalai Lama’s doctor in Dharamsala, Bangkok and Cheng Mei(Thailand), Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia), and London(UK). It was a ride against time and a struggle every day. As one Boston radio said, I guess the price I had to pay was pretty high.

The reasons I stoped in Bulgaria were love, violence and crimes and police turning a blind eye to everything. I found a society that has accepted all illnesses as the norm, as something that everyone pretends not to notice. I understood all this through myself, through my personal experience. I discover how the institutions in Bulgaria work. But this bitter experience made me irreconcilable to injustice, with an even greater desire to have more opportunities, to make more business and to be able to do more. For me the most powerful tool is definitely business and profit that allow to change society for the better'. 

There are several key problems that people who have not being in Bulgaria for a long time face when they decide to live here. Reason I created the public platform Forum I Love Bulgaria, aimed at giving publicity to these problems. And they are; mentality, understanding of society, corruption, and the functioning of state institutions. But let give a few striking examples:

The problems in reality in Bulgaria are many, but they are incomprehensible to people who have lived abroad for a long time. Very often, they are unprepared for the problems they may face. The Art Angel Foundation, as well as the I Love Bulgaria Forum, were created not only hoping to change society for the better but also with the desire to help people who want to live in Bulgaria by speaking honestly about the problems. Because in reality Bulgaria has a wonderful nature and incredible potential.


For a few years in Bulgaria, I have implemented several major projects: the Social Business in Prisons, which shows that a society is not doomed in its fight against corruption. And that one person, each of us, can be the change we want to see around us. The Maria Project, which received a huge response and engagement. Art Angel Media, which mediated what it means to be part of the Civilized World. Not only did she support media and spread media appreciation, but she also received many accolades with her first book. The Stop the Hate Project, which not only reached a huge number of immigrant children, which created a Fun Room in a Refugee Camp but was accompanied by many small actions speaking out against racism. I Love Bulgaria Forum. But, I also implemented many small initiatives.

Ezoligencia was a place created to bring together people of different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, understandings, even about one’s own sexuality. A very brave project that started its first steps with people of different sexuality. Children from the Roma minority followed. Who not only painted in the centre of a big Bulgarian city to the sound of classical music, guided by one of the best Bulgarian artists. After all, this was not done in London, but in a country torn by problems of nationalism and racism. They sold their paintings as they were integrated into other initiatives of the Art Angel Foundation.

The challenge of working with immigrants from different ethnic communities followed. In between, wonderful relationships were built with the expat community from England and Germany. They were provided with help related to Bulgarian Healthcare and advice related to crime. When talking about Healthcare in Bulgaria, one has to take into consideration the high level of corruption, which in reality can be dangerous for health.

Even the threats and vandalism to the multi-cultural centre, the hatred that triggered its closure is a telling example of how successfully the centre worked!


Ezoligencia was definitely very successful cultural hub. Several dozen books were featured by local authors in the space. The presentations were completely free, as was the catering provided by Ezo. Separately, there were permanent displays of books by local authors for sale, with all profits going to the writers. The space acted as a mini-concert hall as well as a mini-gallery. 
The library was just a little gem, with the bulk of the books in English. We were privileged to have the personal collection of the father of Bulgarian parliamentarism, Ginyo Ganev! 


(The unveiling of Ginyo Ganev’s corner, together with his good friend, the eminent lawyer Harry Haralampiev. The collection was donated to Esoligencia by Ginyo’s closest friend - the law professor from Sofia University - Nikolay Velchevsky.)

Ezoligencia was the main sponsor and participant in two children's chess tournaments. Over 100 children were delighted with prizes. Talented children, is another cause behind which Foundation Art Angel stood. The project with Prisons includes a children's center for talented children in minority neighborhoods. 

Art Angel was also the main sponsor of an international gymnastics competition in which over 500 children participated. 

Art Angel ana Japanese theatre had a joint spectacle, with a short talk by Ilian about Zen Buddhism, followed by an exhibition of places in Asia visited by Ilian. The many children were delighted with many treats. 

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Art Angel ana Japanese theatre had a joint spectacle, with a short talk by Ilian about Zen Buddhism, followed by an exhibition of places in Asia visited by Ilian. The many children were delighted with many treats. 


Another small cause was art competitions. Literary and photographic. The photographic one was to collect old Dervishes photos. As the grand prize was a professional Sony photo camera. Also, many smaller prizes were given out, like a portable sound system for the local children’s theatre who were guests at the event.

We Fight COVID, we stend with the people!

The Art Angel Foundation was established in Bulgaria shortly before the start of the COVID pandemic. And from the very beginning, it had taken a responsible position in one of the most terrible modern disasters. The first thing we did was to help people in need. Retired Teachers, received food parcels. It should be considered that in Bulgaria the social pension is less than 100 euros per month and the minimum pension is a little higher, with food prices sometimes higher than in London.

The elderly artists also received food parcels. The problem with this group of people is that their social security threshold is extremely low, resulting in most cases in minimum pensions. 

Our fight with COWID was through banners urging not to be afraid. As well as with a very special gift we made to NHS Emergency- a professional coffee machine, 2 groups, and the equipment for it, worth 2500 Euro. With this little monster, frontline doctors will surely always be fresh and cheerful.


The Honourable Golden Key

One of the greatest recognitions in Bulgaria was receiving the Honorary Golden Key for services to society and my social work as the most successful Bulgarian writer abroad.

Person of 2021- Career- ex TV Evropa now Euronews Bulgaria

It was amazing to be included in the January issue of the best show for Business in Bulgaria- Career TV, which is generally for the most outstanding personalities. And the whole show was just for me. Thanks to the producers and writers for the flattering recognition! 

Bulgarian National Radio- 100 Books for George

On July 22nd, 2022 at Bulgarian National Radio the first 100 books were given to save little George who needed funds for treatment in Turkey. It was an expensive stem cell treatment. So, 100 books were provided, signed and with a personal message, to be sold to raise funds. These were the first printed copies of my second book The Devil I Know! The nominal market price per unit was $30, but the hope was that each one could fetch much more. 

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