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Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment...
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After 15 years of travelling to dozens of countries on all five continents, I halted in Bulgaria because I wanted to help. I discovered a society in which all diseases had been accepted as the norm, with everyone pretending not to notice. I learned how institutions function in Bulgaria. This bitter experience, however, made me implacable to injustice and increased my desire to have more opportunities, conduct more business, and accomplish more. For me, the most potent instruments are business and profit, which allow for the improvement of society.

There are several main problems that people who have been away from Bulgaria for a long time face when they decide to live here again.

Bulgaria faces numerous problems that are often uncomprehensible to long-term expats. The Art Angel Foundation and I Love Bulgaria Forum aim to change society and help those seeking to live in the country by discussing these issues honestly. Bulgaria's natural beauty and potential make it a promising destination for those seeking to improve their lives.


I have been involved in implementing several major projects in Bulgaria. These projects include the Social Business in Prisons, which demonstrates that society can fight against corruption and that individuals can bring about positive change. The Maria Project has also received significant attention and engagement, showcasing the importance of media and its impact on society. Additionally, the Art Angel Media initiative has not only supported media and spread media appreciation but has also been recognized with accolades for its first book. The Stop the Hate Project has reached a large number of immigrant children and created a Fun Room in a Refugee Camp.

Ezoligencia was a project aimed at bringing together people of different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, and understandings. It began with children from the Roma minority, who painted in a Bulgarian city center with classical music. The project faced challenges with immigrants from different ethnic communities, but also built relationships with expat communities from England and Germany. They received help with Bulgarian healthcare and crime advice, despite the high corruption level in the country. Despite threats and vandalism, the center's success is a testament to its resilience and adaptability.


Ezoligencia was a successful cultural hub featuring local authors' books, free presentations, and catering. The space also featured permanent displays for sale, with profits going to the writers. The library was English-only, and the personal collection of Ginyo Ganev, the father of Bulgarian parliamentarism, was a valuable resource.


(The unveiling of Ginyo Ganev’s corner, together with his good friend, the eminent lawyer Harry Haralampiev. The collection was donated to Esoligencia by Ginyo’s closest friend - the law professor from Sofia University - Nikolay Velchevsky.)

Ezoligencia sponsored two children's chess tournaments, bringing over 100 children to the table. Foundation Art Angel supported a project with prisons, including a center for talented children in minority neighborhoods. They also sponsored an international gymnastics competition, with over 500 children participating. Art Angel ana Japanese theatre hosted a joint spectacle featuring a short talk about Zen Buddhism and an exhibition of Asia-visited places, bringing joy to many children.

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Art competitions were held to collect old Dervishes photos, with the grand prize being a professional Sony photo camera. Smaller prizes, like portable sound systems, were also given to guests at the event.

We Fight COVID!

The Art Angel Foundation, established in Bulgaria before the COVID pandemic, aimed to assist people in need during a terrible disaster. Retired teachers received food parcels, addressing the challenges faced by Bulgarians with low social pensions and higher food prices compared to London. The foundation's responsibility in addressing these issues was evident in its efforts to provide essential support to those in need.

Elderly artists receive food parcels, but their low social security threshold leads to minimum pensions, affecting their ability to access essential services.

COVID was addressed through banners and a $2500 gift to NHS Emergency, including a professional coffee machine and equipment. This will ensure frontline doctors remain fresh and cheerful.


The Honourable Golden Key

Honorary Golden Key in Bulgaria for social work and successful Bulgarian writer abroad, recognizing societal contributions and social work.

Person of 2021- Career- ex TV Evropa now Euronews Bulgaria

Been featured in the January issue of Career TV, the top business show in Bulgaria, for outstanding personalities. The show was tailored to me, and I am grateful to the producers and writers for the recognition.

Bulgarian National Radio- 100 Books for George

On July 22, 2022, 100 books were given to save George, a child in Turkey, from expensive stem cell treatment. The books, signed and personalized, were sold to raise funds. The first printed copies of the book, The Devil I Know, were given to raise funds. The nominal market price per unit was $30, but the hope was that each book could fetch more.

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