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No categories, no groups, no rules, no boundaries, freedom to be, to create. This is contemporary art. It is a renunciation of the totalitarian handcraft designed to please of the party regime and line. This is the publishing business in my understanding. After all, I am an artist, a writer!

I define myself as an activist journalist and writer. For me, writing is much more than telling beautiful stories. I definitely don’t do it for a living, and I make more than enough from my businesses. It’s the ability to not only express myself but to fight for the causes I believe in. I believe the media is the fourth estate and should be. I believe in free speech and a critical but objective media insight.

I write about several major media in Bulgaria, and own media, developed as a free and responsible public platform. I am the chair of a section of the Union of Journalists in Bulgaria Podkrepa, which is equivalent to the Polish Solidarity. This is the first free Union after the fall of the Communist regime that brings together dissidents and people with free views.

I am also a member of the American Press Association, Penn America and Reporters Without Borders. What free organizations in the U.S. have shown me is the freedom to be a journalist as long as you want to. To write boldly and have your own media. Something that is not very different in Bulgaria, journalism is still based on dependencies- business, associations and, most of all, politics. Means that the old totalitarian models are still relevant. But it also means that there is something positive to show and something to fight.

Writing is not only journalism filled with fight but also my books. And they are full of gratitude and messages, a lot of wisdom and emotion. I can boldly say that they develop their own unique philological neo-liberal line, with a distinct undertone.

Pilgrim in Search of Freedom
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