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Streets of London were the best university I ever graduated from. They gave me the most valuable lessons, taught me what business means, educated me in the most harsh way what business morals and values mean, and let me understand what it means to be a free man!


I set up two businesses in London. The first was a company providing various services to private houses- The Help London. Through it, I could fully fund all my social initiatives.

I am proud to say that in over 11 years of doing business; I have got the title of multi-million business in a short time to 100% found all my social initiatives! Best example for sustainability and transparency!

One of the keys to my success has been the pursuit of excellence in the services offered. No matter who I was serving, my clients or the community, I always wanted to deliver the most and experience the satisfaction of having succeeded! After a few years in London, I was certified by the best in the world in exclusive services- the British Butler Institute.

My first Social Business was Ezo Bistro, which after the initial funding from The Help shortly achieved sustainable growth!

Venecia with the Oldest Private Club in Europe.jpg

In Venice, together with The British Butler Institute (27)


For me, creating a community center was not only a big satisfaction but also a return to my traditions and roots as an enterprising merchant and manufacturer. Many generations back in Bulgaria, my family built schools, libraries, churches, and helped people in need. They are public-spirited people who continued their social and political mission after independence in 1878. With the coming of communism in 1945, everything they owned was nationalized, but they preserved the traditions that I am trying to enrich.

Ezo in London was a place not only for the local community but also for Bulgarians in migration. 


One of my first causes in London was to help homeless people. Perhaps there is a sentimental note in that too. I come from a place in Bulgaria on the ancient Roman Road. A road that has seen many people on it, crossing between East and West, between Orient and North, between the depths of ancient Asia and young Europe. This road has also left its message. And that is that we should treat everyone on the road with respect, dignity and whenever we can help.

In London, from the very beginning, I started working with an NGO that gave homeless people the opportunity to paint and sell their paintings. As well as being a gallery for them, I set up free food and hot drinks outside the centre for those who couldn’t afford to buy.


The creation of the cultural hub was an unfolding of my passion- books! In London, I have created a library of over 3000 rare titles; philosophy, history, law, religions, and poetry. This place has become a small independent library, with its own readers and followers. For which it has earned several accolades. But the most important, it became a small stage for not-so-popular literature. There was also a small section of literature in Bulgarian, expressing my desire to help the Bulgarian community I came from.


Ezo provided free courses to the local community- baristas and cooks in a small restaurant. It was a pleasure to teach!


The Ezo space was a work of art. A place that not only housed different artistic expression, but was itself created through the investment of a lot of emotion. London’s biggest cultural portal had called it “one of the last places left on the Island.” It was also named one of London’s 8 hidden gems. As well as the best coffee in London, better than Starbucks.

41644193_2196071133967449_5801157252341563392_n (1).jpg

If we talk about Project Ezo, we cannot ignore its contribution to nature conservation. I am a vegetarian myself and I believe ethics should start with our attitude not only towards people but also towards the world around us. The causes we supported through sales were for bee conservation. Also, we kept the whole assortment socially responsible.

We always had free food and water for the domestic animals up front.


Project Ezo was also a meeting place for Mensa UK. I have been a member of the Organisation for People of Exceptionally High Intelligence since 2003 and was happy to provide the venue for intellectual entertainment.

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