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Streets of London was the finest university from which I ever graduated. They gave me the most valuable lessons, taught me what business is, educated me in the harshest manner possible about business ethics and values, and allowed me to comprehend what it means to be a free man!


I founded two companies in London. The first was The Help London, a business offering various services to private houses. It enabled me to entirely fund all of my social initiatives.

I am proud to state that after more than 11 years of conducting business, I have acquired the title of multimillion-dollar business in a relatively brief period of time and have discovered all of my social initiatives! Best illustration of sustainability along with social awareness!

The pursuit of excellence in the services that I have provided has been essential for my accomplishments. No matter who I was serving, my clients or my fellow citizens, I always desired to provide the best service possible and experience the pride of success! After a few years in London, I was certified by the British Butler Institute, the world's foremost authority on personalised and luxurious service.

My first Social Enterprise was Project Ezo, which quickly attained sustainable growth after receiving initial funding from my main company- The Help London! 

Venecia with the Oldest Private Club in Europe.jpg

In Venice, together with The British Butler Institute (27)


Creating a community centre was not only a great accomplishment, but also a return to my entrepreneurial merchant and manufacturer roots. The ancestors in Bulgaria built schools, libraries, and churches and assisted those in need over many generations. They continued their social and political mission after achieving independence in 1878, demonstrating their altruism. With the advent of communism in 1945, all of their property was nationalised, but they managed to preserve the traditions I am attempting to advance.


One of my initial causes in London was to help those in need. Perhaps a sentimental tone is also present. I am a native of a region in Bulgaria located on the ancient Roman Road. A well-traveled road that connects East and West, the Orient and the North, the depths of ancient Asia and the new continent of Europe. Likewise, this road has left its mark. And that is that everyone on the road should be treated with respect, dignity, and assistance whenever possible.

I began working in London with a nonprofit organisation that gave homeless individuals the opportunity to paint and sell their artwork. In addition to being a gallery for them, I provided free meals and warming beverages outside the facility for those who could not afford to purchase.


The establishment of the cultural centre was a manifestation of my affinity for literature! In London, I've amassed a collection of over three thousand rare titles in the fields of philosophy, history, law, religions, and poetry. This location has evolved into a small independent library, complete with its own readers and devotees. For which it has received numerous awards. But most importantly, it became a modest stage for literature that was not widely read. In a brief section of literature in Bulgarian, I expressed my desire to assist the Bulgarian community from which I originated.


In a modest catering establishment, Project Ezo offered complimentary courses to baristas and chefs in the local community. It was a joy to instruct!


The Ezo space was an artistic creation. A location that not only housed various artistic expressions but was also the result of a great deal of emotional investment. The largest cultural portal in London referred to it as "one of the last places left on the Island." It was also deemed one of the eight undiscovered jewels of London. Additionally, the finest coffee in London, surpassing even Starbucks.

41644193_2196071133967449_5801157252341563392_n (1).jpg

When discussing Project Ezo, its contribution to nature conservation cannot be overlooked. I am a vegetarian, and I believe that ethics should begin not only with our attitude towards other people, but also towards the natural world. Through sales, we supported initiatives for bee conservation. In addition, the entire assortment was ethically responsible.

Up front, there was always free food and water for the pets.


Project Ezo was also a meeting place for Mensa UK. Since 2003, I have been a member of the Organisation for People of Exceptionally High Intelligence, and I was delighted to provide the venue for intellectual amusement.

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