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I am a writer, a journalist, but most of all a social entrepreneur who has dedicated my life to helping. You can find out more about me here...Iliyan Kuzmanov | The Angel Group

1. How everything started


I founded initially two companies in London. The first was The Help London, a business offering various services to private houses. It enabled me to entirely fund all of my social initiatives. I am proud to state that after more than 12 years of conducting business, I have acquired the title of multimillion-dollar business invested in society! Best illustration of sustainability along with social awareness!

I'm proud to say that the foundation of my first business was Lewisham. A neighborhood where more than half of my clients are based. And I have worked on a consistent basis for more than 700 influencers and well established private houses. 

2. A bit more about EZO and what I was doing in Barking

The place was a social and cultural hub, with many awards and recognitions. It was a small independent library with over 3000 titles. We provided free courses for the local community as well as the opportunity to sell free craft products to local strt ups. A place that helped the homeless, provided space for exhibitions, cultural events, was a meeting place for the Bulgarian community as well as Mensa UK. It was a place to swap books, it provided free food, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, we even gave out flowers to people in the station to make them smile. .  Project London | iliyan kuzmanov (

3. What am I asking of you?

I would like what is basically mine to be returned to me- deposit, safe, property. I know that this can be done with good will and by showing that, after all, all I have done all my life has been for the public. And by giving that back, I will be investing it back into the community, here back in London, and I would love for both LuSham and British Railways to be my partners in that and do something big and good together for the people. At a time when we are in a global economic crisis, where town halls and cities are going bankrupt, you are in dire Need of People Like ME who don't take Public Money, but do Business to Give it all to the Public!

And second, please help me rise the case in the police. A lot has happened since I contacted you. My home in Deptford was broken into, everything was turned upside down, nothing was taken. I've been getting threatening emails, I thought it was generally to do with what I do, but after the break in, I think it's a pure warning not to go poking around. Because it's not just my business that has been taken in such a scheme, many others have suffered. 

This can be done with your help, you, your team. I'm sure it could be a few emails and talking to the right people.

What is the case with a detailed explanation of the Situation and Circumstances

4. When it Happened

All this happened while I was in Bulgaria and while I was developing my social initiatives there. And they included, fighting xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, fighting corruption and fighting Russian influence there. 
Regarding my social initiatives in Bulgaria:

Projec Prison | iliyan kuzmanov (

Project Stop Hate | iliyan kuzmanov (

Project Maria | iliyan kuzmanov (

Citizens | iliyan kuzmanov (

On my fight against the far right, corruption and Russian influence in Bulgaria:

Fortress | iliyan kuzmanov (

Africa | iliyan kuzmanov (

Many reasons why I have received countless threats and there have been assaults against me and what I have done:

HateCrime | iliyan kuzmanov (

5. What Exactly Happened

А. First of all, I want to stress the absurdity of a business being taken away for 24 hours and handed over within 72 hours into the hands of someone else without any paperwork, permits, court orders, etc. As well as the private property in the establishment being taken away without any inventory and without regulated storage. Having some of it put into the hands of the new owners without any auction or compensation. 

B. Everything I had stayed inside. My safe with savings for the next rent and wages. Documents, invoices, statements. All my equipment. A lot of my personal belongings stayed inside, extremely valuable things. Everything was just confiscated, without a court, without a conviction, without any official document. It was just taken! And with my arrival in London on the 24th hour, I was forbidden to set foot on the station, by the station director, in my working cafe. Having been told to prove everything in court, what was mine and so on. 

4. Evidences

The legal nonsense is based on Barking MP Margaret Hodge's letter. The response to it from the operating sub-contractor of the railways then C2S said the reason was because I was owed unpaid rent to them. 

Web capture_7-9-2023_18235_.jpeg

Yes, April we had a rent renegotiation. Yes I travel a lot, during one of my trips to Asia. A Russian woman- Ina Jankoic, with a Lithuanian passport, who I had helped a lot, who had health problems, she and her daughter were homeless, and I rescued them from the streets. People I had helped for years, who even has an afordable annuity now in my name in Barking. During my trip, she with the help of probably a real estate agent, at least that's what people at the station told me. She had let another company operate the cafe in an attempt to get the business picked up early in the year. I was then able to get a handle on it with the help of the C2C director. But the cafe didn't function for a few months, even at one point, unknown how, the roof collapsed as you can see from the photos. But then it was all renegotiated, I got a grace period for the months I wasn't working, their fault. As well as a new payment method was arranged,to deal with the difficulties caused by them. But everything was paid. Still, not one letter or email about no payment. As well the rent for the coming months and wages were in the till which was taken from me with the ban on stepping foot on my property. 


The collapsed roof, after a Greek company was start traiding inside

On the photo is Ina Jankoic. In Ina's case, I want to put the fact that the business was earning almost £200, 000 a year first and my provocative activity second. After Ina's case, I realised that many businesses in London were taken in a similar way. With the Russian mafia (in many cases assisted by Bulgarians) at the core. As you know Bulgaria was involved in the biggest spying scandal in UK, being proxy for illegal activities for Russia. 


Subsequently, there were letters to various institutions. The Bulgarian Embassy wrote letters. As I was in Bulgaria at the time of the crime, and because of the nature of the things I do, I was advised by the police in London to approach the Bulgarian procuratorate and the Foreign Office. I did so, but things, especially with the termination of Train Italia's contract, have remained in time. There were publications in various media, but the effect was nil. 

And what I do, a lot of things, all related to our society to which I have dedicated my life. Here's a look at what we do with Legal Advice

Decolonisation | iliyan kuzmanov (

Fortress | iliyan kuzmanov (
See what I do and sometimes what they lead to: HateCrime | iliyan kuzmanov (

But in the end, I've helped thousands of people, I need help too! 

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