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The first Bulgarian book to win the international bestseller title on December 25, 2021 was made available free of charge in an electronic version in Bulgarian for the Bulgarian-speaking audience. In a time of COVID and World Economic Crisis, I believe we should help and give back to the society! I would like to thank all my clients and readers for the support I have received from you for so long!

The book is available on Amazon in English and German. 


Wonderful Read

When I started practicing zen at the Village Zendo in New York, I would read books about finding enlightenment, and I never liked those books. But, it made me realize that if you desire to attain enlightenment, you have to stop looking.That is why I love this book so much. It is just about embracing what is right in front of you. I really enjoyed the short dharma pieces at the end. All well done.

Steven Joseph

New York, United States


Susan Sewell

Posted by Literary Titan

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Shawn L

Engaging account of one person's spiritual encounter with himself and God

Discover one man's steps to living a peaceful, happy life in the spiritual book, If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! A Pilgrimage To Freedom by Iliyan Kuzmanov. For the first part of his life, Iliyan Kuzmanov lived in poverty, and later, he experienced the benefits of wealth. Iliyan felt the need for more in his life, so he begins to explore the wilds of Thailand. What he finds there leads him to look at life, people, and our planet differently. Listening to the cries of his heart, Iliyan begins to follow its desperate stirrings and changes his mode of living. Shedding his external responsibilities, he learns the importance of embracing the beat of Earth's heart and returning to who he is at the core: love and creativity.

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! by Iliyan Kuzmanov is an engaging account of one person's spiritual encounter with himself and God. The title immediately caught my eye, and its contents are just as stimulating. The included Zen Buddhist art is thought-provoking and quite stunning, capturing the essence of Buddhism in its purest form. The author, Mr. Kuzmanov, eloquently depicts his spiritual journey, encouraging the reader to begin their own. By leading the reader down a beautiful, soul-inspiring path of philosophically enhanced experiences, Mr. Kuamanov lays the foundation for a life-altering experience. A long-time member of MENSA, a creator of several charities, and having been trained with Her Majesty the Queen's butlers, Mr. Kuzmanov's expertise shines through his accounts, creating a charming, heartwarming narrative with a solid foundation.

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! by Iliyan Kuzmanov talks about love as a healing universal force, along with the power of creativity and intention. Iliyan Kuzmanov shares his life experience and lessons with the reader with a message of trusting the journey and not rushing the path that you must take to learn about yourself and your soul. With your soul freed, every day can be full of passion, art, and fulfillment—it only takes a little faith in the process.

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! begins by exploring what it truly means to be a human being, and how our lives are shaped but our understandings of ourselves and the people around us. The book discusses the difference between spiritual and physical selves, and emphasizes the importance in learning about our non-physical selves. By connecting with the natural world around us, we can begin to reflect the principles that nature teaches us in our daily lives.

I loved the way this story talked about growing through the power and impact of love and the appreciation of the world around us. Kuzmanov discusses his time in Thailand and how the beautiful landscape gave him the tools to explore his inner selves and connect with those who live off the land. I really enjoyed hearing about how he is able to set his physical self aside and connect with the spiritual connectivity of the world.

While I loved the spiritual aspects and philosophical statements throughout the book, I would have also enjoyed some more personal anecdotes from Kuzmanov’s life. I believe that his teachings would have a stronger impact if told through these relatable stories rather than just abstract ideas.

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! is an inspiring and fantastical book that shows what it means to trust in yourself and the power of love. If you are the type of person that wants to trust the universe to guide you along the way, this book is the perfect inspirational tool to give you the strength to let go of the material world.

If You Meet Buddha, Kill Him – A Masterpiece by Iliyan Kuzmanov

Iliyan Kuzmanov, a best-selling author and social activist from Bulgaria, hits Top 15 in Amazon with his acclaimed book


Author and prominent investigative journalist Iliyan Kuzmanov has been leading the charge in writing to influence society for the better. Now, his top-rated book, "If You Meet Buddha," marks another success of its own.

Thought Provoking and Emotional


The title of the book, If You Meet Buddha Kill Him, may throw one off initially, but this book is definitely not what you would think. The author, Iliyan Kuzmanov, takes the reader on a journey of discovery. Discovery of emotion, soul, creativity, and self. It's a page turner, and absolutely worth the read.

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