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I’m a man of the road, my life has been on it... I’ve lived in many places, I’ve traveled almost the entire world and to be honest, nature everywhere is unique, beautiful, but there is nothing better than cultural diversity, which makes us like nothing else- richer! Having lived studied and worked in Canada, a place that has not only provided me with countless opportunities as an equal, but has also shown me what the world should be like, how we should treat people, those who come here, foreigners... I’ve figured it out through my story, through my journey! 
London, my Lord, so there I managed with £20 in my pocket to make a multimillion business. To start my life over and achieve so much. That place showed me how to get second, third chances, to make, to make mistakes, to fix them! In supposedly the "worst" neighborhood Barking, was for me the best university I’ve ever attended. I realized how different we are. There I learned what social business means. There what I was doing was called one of the jewels of London, yes a city of a thousand years and I managed to give it a jewel. That place called what I created one of the last remaining with a soul... What more can I say? 
This is my philosophy, my understanding of the way... Be good, do good! 

Military Ramp Kids Refugees Camp


Тhe path these children have traveled is perhaps the most difficult and extreme route traveled by humans. The level of extremity has nothing to do with our perception of tourist mountaineering expeditions. It starts from Afghanistan, driving in packed jeeps with 30 people each through the Tal Desert, through the Hindu Kush and the corpses that serve as landmarks, the Pamir Mountain Range, through Iran, the Zagros Mountains to Turkey, from there they move to Greece and through the Maritza River estuary they enter Bulgaria. The passage through Greece into Bulgaria that was the most difficult part, coming across logs in the riverbed that nearly took his life. And how many lives that road took there is no record of, but they were many.

Over 250,000 children take to the roads every year, and the only stats are kept by the Missing Migrants Programme, at the International Organisation for Migration, which has to receive an official report from parents. The vast majority of these children come from extremely poor families hoping they will secure a livelihood. And the rest have relatives in Europe who can look after them. According to Europol, over 10 000 migrant children disappear every year after being registered at EU borders.

On Easter, 2021 I was a guest of Bloomberg Bulgaria(Bulgaria OnAir). I spoke a lot about racism in our society. And for that, if we talk about Christian Holidays, we should remember the main messages.


Motivational Speaking for Kids! The most important thing I told them is that they are the real heroes and travelers! Because what they have been through, kids, is incredible!

All of them received a book. We had a party with lots of pizza and Coca Cola! 


Playing Cricket together... Amazing game and great fun!


Having received many threats for my very liberal views and actions. As well as specific actions that were taken against me, I made a gift to the children of Military Ramp - I created a Fun Room for them! With some of the furniture of the attacked by racists Ezoligentcia, plus a few extras for massive entertainment- a PlayStation, 55 gaming TVs, a Dell Alienware PC and a cricket set!


The reason I moved to London after very successful initiatives in Bulgaria was repeated racist threats against me. As well as physical actions against me and vandalism against my space in Pazardzhik. This was completely ignored by the local authorities and by the police. But this can be explained, because in the end our ruling elite, although it was supposedly presented as pro-Western and pro-European, is largely a reflection of the racism coming from the Kremlin. I can only say it with shame, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, who has lived in Canada for some time and was educated at Harvard, has become the cause of an international scandal for his statements about immigrants, who, meanwhile, live in terrible conditions.

Unfortunately, we live in hard times that reveal our true nature. Hidden behind diplomas from the United States and Canada, we see racists are hiding, and what to expect from our society. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is a representative of the Change, the new progressive generation in Bulgarian politics that strongly associates itself with the West. He is a representative of a whole new generation that promotes itself as the most liberal. Unfortunately, we do not have liberalism in Bulgaria, nor pro-Western traditions. Ideologically, we are still very much subject to Post-Soviet-Putin rhetoric aimed at destroying the liberal open world!

Hate and Ignorance have never hindered me, on the contrary motivated me. I understand that there are forces in Europe which, because of their economic and social backwardness, cannot come to terms with the modern developing world and are making desperate attempts to oppose it, one of their main weapons being Hatred and Ignorance, the denial of the basic principles of liberalism, law and free world. But I know that each of us can be the change, even a small one. 


Apart from helping, making the lives of some children who went through hell a little better, what I could do was to provoke. And through provocation, we can make people think. Through provocation, we educate an active-civil society!

Because- I’m a super big fan of graffiti Banksy and my provocations were in his style. For example, to put up an enormous poster for a month of your own face saying that being Homophobic is very Gay, in a terribly traditional Bulgarian town, on the Council Theatre Building, is a kind of wow. Or a huge banner lighting up a major intersection in a city, a country where every second woman is a victim of domestic violence, in a country where human trafficking is an ok thing, with a huge banner saying women are not slaves is just a la Banksy! I hope someday, to come across the works of one of his biggest worshippers. But let me tell you a little more, how traditional Bulgarian society is:


60 minutes around the world with me.

After all, we’re all on the road, on one big journey. Let’s be kinder and more tolerant to everyone on it...

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