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This proposal lays out my already finished book The Devil I Know Him. And will include an overview of my book, a sample chapter, as well as a detailed description of my audience and how my book fills a need in the market. My next project is also included.

The novel is a high-adrenaline philosophy revealing the path of consciousness through mystical-religious experiences to find liberation from the tyranny of an orthodox traditionalism that rejects its tribal origins, a story that is more than The Satanic Verses, an Eastern European manual for rebellion.  

I will do my best to win your approval for this project as it is the culmination of two years of writing and research by myself and countless other local contributors. Personal Brand included for two years, several thousand publications in electronic and print media in English, Bulgarian, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese and Ukrainian. Publications covering personal life, social entrepreneurship, investigative journalism and literary achievements. The personal branding campaign included several dozen television appearances in leading media outlets, totaling four and a half hours of television time. 

My next project is based on a series of journalistic investigations I did during my stay in Bulgaria and is called Hybrid Fortress. This is a documentary continuation of The Devil I Know, telling through the eyes of a journalist what the state of the front line with Putin is in a country called the Russian Trojan Horse in the EU. Currently a new iron curtain is descending to divide the world, what this project provides is an understanding of the secret doors and passages that have been left behind. The project is an exposé of the system of Totalitarianism poking out of the Showcase of Apparent Democracy, designed to deceive Bulgaria's Western Partners and looking into the death spots of one of the most corrupt countries in the World manifested by Putin's propaganda. Despite the fall of the USSR in 1989-1991, the old communist elite did not leave Bulgaria, but managed to successfully mimic and adapt to the new reality to turn Bulgaria into Russia's Spiritual Gateway to the West! Part of the investigations are the Anti-Systemic Movements, the Quasi-Religious Cults of Communism, the Far Right and Terror, the training of Bulgarian children in Russian military camps, the Media and Propaganda, People's Diplomacy, Culture as a Spiritual Gateway to the West... A warning from a historian and journalist about the rising Fascism from Russia and Eastern Europe!
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