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In 2013, my first Independent Library was established in London. The venue was initially entirely financed by my primary business, The Help London, but has since become entirely self-sufficient, exhibiting sustainable year-over-year growth. Under the name Ezo, a project that was significantly more than a library was conceived. 
At first, Project Ezo was a completely autonomous library. Over three thousand books are organised into several major categories, including History, Law, Philosophy, Religions, Poetry, Rare Books, and books for very young readers. All of them purchased from The Help London. 
Additionally, Project Ezo was a community centre that offered complimentary courses to the local community. In addition to a free display area for local artisans. Outside of Ezzo was a literature exchange for the community. 
In third place, London's Project Ezzo fought homelessness. On the walls were paintings by destitute artists, with all profits going to them. Also, there was always complimentary food, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and water outside Ezo for those who needed it but could not afford it. 
Lastly, Project Ezo served as a social hub for various organisations. It hosted MENA London meetings and assisted ethnic communities with various issues in London.
The Esoligencia Pazardzhik Independent Library was my second. In 2019, it was launched in Bulgaria. As part of a larger Art Angel Bulgaria Foundation initiative, The Help London funded the venue in full once again. Esoligencia was once more much more than an independent library; it evolved into a multicultural centre. Minorities in Bulgaria who were victims of prejudice and discrimination were given a home there. This establishment served the local LGBTQ community. The venue hosted literary presentations, art exhibitions, poetry evenings, and musical performances. 
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